Agent Commissions

Why Pay commission when selling your home

First, commissions rates between homeowners and agents are negotiable. Quite often the percentage ends up at 3% for the listing agent and 3% going to the agent that represents a buyer in the transaction.

So why should you pay someone percentage of the property when it sells? If you are considering selling your home, it is important to understand that;

  • Our agents will set a competitive price which increases your chances of getting a quick sale and more money
  • Our agents will spend a large amount of time on your behalf working with all parties to the transaction
  • Our agents will incur all upfront costs to selling a home
  • Our agents carry Errors and Omissions insurance for your protection
  • Our agents are experienced in negotiating which will likely earn you more money
  • Our agents have the experience to handle issues that could otherwise be a costly oversights
  • Our agents have paperwork and transaction know-how
  • Our involvement in the sale of your home will ensure the process is smooth

Agents are an important part of selling your home and paying a commission is worth more money in your pocket than selling a home on your own.