Contact a Dallas Real Estate Advisor – Dennis Frey

If you are considering selling your home, you have options. It’s important to learn which of those options are best for your unique situation.

We are a full service real estate company operating in Dallas & Fort worth, with a network of partners that can help you sell your home under any circumstance.

  • 100% Market Value
  • Repairs
  • Seniors / Assisted Living
  • Forclosure
  • Estate Sale
  • Larger Family
  • Divorce
  • Equity
  • Finance Changes
  • Trouble Selling
  • Health Problems
  • Private Sales

Dennis Frey is a marketing and business development professional, who has helped many families and companies negotiate some of their most important deals of their lives; Real Estate. With a degree from Towson University in Maryland in Marketing and minor focus in Accounting, he moved his family to Texas in 2003 to enjoy the warm culture of southern living with his 3 children. As a motivational speaker for one of the top TV Reality Shows on investment real estate, Dennis has helped hundreds of families get started in real estate investing through coaching on how to find and negotiate the most lucrative deals.